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Noah's Light Foundation

"Every day in the United States, nearly a dozen children are diagnosed with brain and other central nervous system (CNS) tumors. To me, that is a pandemic – can you imagine if our children were being abducted at a rate of 12 a day? The country would be on a manhunt!" via Jedi Noah's mom blog.

I don't know about you, but every time I see a fact like this I get extremely uncomfortable, actually it's more like furious and paranoid at the same time. 

I was introduced to Noah's story a few years ago through my husband, who knew Noah's mom, Amber. Her blog really had a big impact on me. I admit it, I've shed quite a few tears behind my screen, but most importantly, I have learned quite a few things, not only about cancer but also about family. I have learned to value our health and the time we spend together more than anything else. 

After years of fighting the cancer with EVERYTHING available, the Larkin family lost their 8 year old son Noah in May of this year. The reason I'm sharing this is because this family is so amazing that they started an organization called Noah's Light Foundation in an effort to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer.

Today, and until September 19th (Noah's birthday!) you can support them by voting for Noah's Light Foundation, as they were nominated for the Chase Community Giving's $250,000 grant. It will cost you nothing but will be priceless for them. 

Voting Steps

  1. Click the Noah's Light Foundation link:
  2. Log in to Facebook if you haven't already.
  3. Click to "Like" Chase (If you do this, they get extra votes :-)
  4. Click to "Vote" for Noah's Light Foundation
  5. You may have to allow the application first, but after doing so just return to our Noah's Light Foundation Chase Giving Page to vote for them!

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